How Does Cloud Security Work?

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How To Protect Your Data: Cloud Security Tips You Need To Know It’s difficult to keep track of all the updates and changes in technology these days. It seems like there is always something new coming out, or a new piece of software that we need to learn about. One thing that many people are … Read more

How to Get Into the Cybersecurity Industry?

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When you study how to get into the Cybersecurity Industry, one of the first skills you will learn is network security. Just what is network security and how does it relate to working in the Cybersecurity field? Is it similar to computer networking or is there a significant difference? As technology and systems change and … Read more

Why Is Cybersecurity Important?

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Why is Cybersecurity so important? It encompasses everything that goes into protecting intellectual property, highly sensitive information, personal information, government or business information systems, critical infrastructure, consumer electronic goods, financial data, and physical security. Anything and everything that can be put at risk have the potential to be affected by cyber attacks. These attacks range … Read more

What is Cybersecurity?

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What is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is the study, identification, and prevention of cyber attacks on digital systems, information, systems, and devices. As with any kind of security, what is cybersecurity differs by country, by industry, and by individual company. As stated by Wikipedia; Cybersecurity is “the practice of preventing or disrupting unauthorized access to computers and … Read more

Protecting Your Business Email from Hackers

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  Statistics show that hacking attacks happen every 39 seconds. In 2019, the cost of data breaches amounts to $2.1 trillion globally. These statistics are outrageous and provide all the reason for business owners to take measure to protect their business accounts. Unfortunately, 75% of businesses are ill-prepared for a cyber-attack; neither do they have a … Read more

Why Ransomware Continues to be a Profitable Business for Hackers

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  Ransomware attacks are not only costly to businesses but also very difficult to deal with. Cyber-security experts predict that the attacks will cost businesses approximately $11 billion in 2020. Unprepared companies and users may lose valuable data and their financial security from ransomware attacks. With the growing popularity of ransomware attacks, it has been listed … Read more