Steps to Ensuring Safe File-Sharing at Your Company

File sharing among colleagues or members of a team should be easy and convenient. Unfortunately, it is one way that a company can pave the way for hackers to access its data. The risk is compounded by the fact that many small businesses don’t have file-sharing policies in place.  As such, many turn to file-sharing … Read more

Make Your Data Unreadable to Whoever Steals It. Here’s How

Cybersecurity is a topic that can’t escape discussion in this era of increased cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals are out in full swing to steal any data they can gain access to. Where the attacks are successful, the hackers benefit, especially financially, while the victims lose personal data and finances.  With this knowledge, security experts advise users to … Read more

Where Do Hackers Hide? Here Are the Surprising Facts

Cybercrime is on the rise, with computer hacks becoming so common that everyone has to deal with them at least once in their lifetime. Hackers have advanced the way they attack, and they’re no longer just using simple pranks that existed in the earlier days.  Cybercriminals today take the time to orchestrate their moves to … Read more

Common Types of Cyber Threats

Are you familiar with the nature of cybercrimes? It would be impossible to protect yourself against cyber threats that you hardly understand. You must be well aware of the risks to tackle it strategically.  While some cyberattacks can be harmless or perhaps cause a little damage, others can result in significant repercussions. An attack compromises … Read more

10 Security Risks That Are Caused By Cloud Computing

Data Security Risks One of the most significant challenges for business intelligence professionals is the risk of security threats posed by cloud computing. Cloud computing refers to using the internet as a service platform to deliver applications and storage capabilities, and the internet has many interesting vulnerabilities that make it attractive to cyber criminals. One … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Transformation to the Cybersecurity Business

The business world is undergoing significant transformation because of the adoption of digital technologies. A growing number of companies and organizations are warming up to the use of Internet-of-Things devices. They also realize the importance of moving more of their data into cloud storage. As digital transformation takes shape, more firms are rethinking traditional business … Read more

Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler

Modern businesses have to embrace technological innovation to remain relevant and competitive on the market. However, cybercrime is a threat to organizations that have implemented digital systems. Due to the growing cases of data breaches, some business owners are reluctant to adopt technology into their operations. Studies reveal that cybercriminals managed to compromise more than … Read more

Developing an Effective Cyber Strategy for Your Online Business

The inevitable threat of cyberattacks has continually compromised the integrity of internet-connected data, programs, devices, networks, and systems. This uncertainty in the internet space has pushed all organizations that care about their sensitive information, intellectual property, and financial data to pause and think about cybersecurity. It is worth noting that a single successful cyberattack can … Read more

Is Your Organization Cyber Aware?

Did you know that almost all successful cyberattacks have been facilitated by human error? Notably, organizations have invested so much in improving their IT systems to secure their customers’ and business’ data. Thus, cyber-attackers have also changed their tactics accordingly and are now exploiting human error by targeting the staff.  Cyberthreats bear reputational, legal, and … Read more

9 Tips on How to Secure Your Cloud

With the increasing occurrences of cybercrime, people are seeking alternative ways to store their data. Cloud computing has hence become a buzzword in the IT sector right now. Unfortunately, its meaning and implications are still not very clear in some circles. The chances are high that businesses and individuals alike have at one time or … Read more