About Cyber Detect Pro

Cyber Detect Pro is a site dedicated to helping those interested in Cyber find answers to their questions. Whether it is about a tool being used in their organization or someone looking to get into the industry, Cyber Detect Pro is there to help.

CyberDetectPro.com was created as a resource for those needing answers to problems found in the industry. It is built on the expertise of its founder, Ken Adams.

With over 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry, Ken is a seasoned professional who has dedicated his career to helping individuals and businesses stay protected from online threats.


Ken’s passion for cybersecurity and his dedication to excellence have been the driving force behind CyberDetectPro’s success. Through his leadership and guidance, CyberDetectPro has become a trusted source for individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

With Ken at the helm, CyberDetectPro is committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and providing its readers with the most advanced and effective cybersecurity solutions available.


About Ken Adams

Ken has worked as a Cyber Security professional for over 20 years. Ken holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and Masters in Cyber Security with a minor in Data Analytics.

Ken got his start in tech working for MSN as a technical support engineer supporting MSN Explorer. He moved up the ranks supporting premium customers on DSL internet services.

He soon found himself working for a local government agency supporting the perimeter network (Firewalls, Proxies, Routers, Switches, and VPN’s).

After graduating from a local school with his bachelors in computer science, a new opportunity took him back east where he was working in a large Network Operations Center supporting multiple systems and locations.

Shortly after moving his family back east, the contract ended and he was left looking for work. Luckily, he was able to secure a job back in his hometown and his family moved back.

Ken has worked as a Cyber Security Engineer supporting SIEM, AV, EDR, NDR, and many other systems and tools.

He has now been moved into a manager role where he is directing new and up-and-coming talent. He currently manages the Security Operations Center where he manages the Pentesting & Vulnerability, Threat Hunt, Engineering, and Incident Response Teams.

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